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Yay, Win8 runs Freehand MX perfectly!

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Yay, Win8 runs Freehand MX perfectly!

Postby xiks » Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:33 pm

Yay, Win8 runs Freehand MX perfectly!
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Re: Yay, Win8 runs Freehand MX perfectly!

Postby Handsfree » Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:13 pm

I am sure Freehand works as well as on a PC as it does on a MAC. I am not a great follower of PC's (too accident prone and virus for me) but I have installed Linux - on what was Windows Vista box than was playing up and settled on a new system called Fedora 20 - as that was the closest to a Mac (rather than a look-a-like Windows). But I must admit there are some great free LINUX systems (Fedora, Ubuntu and Linux Cinnamon Mint and several others from the high street LINUX magazines on offer) are all great alternatives to Windows. And somewhat amazingly you can still run windows software (using something called 'WINE'. Its not emulation and its not 'virtual' either so its fast. Now I have that working I am planning to install a copy of FREEHAND for PC and install that using WINE. It will work, however it may look a little different (i.e circa Windows 98) but at least it's an alternative. Linux is a bit of a learning curve, so don't try this unless you are determined to junk Windows and try something different and more secure than dreaded windows 'updates'and constant security issues that drive PC users mad! Linux by comparison is more reliable and as easy to use.

Wine works with UBUNTU and FEDORA and I am not sure about the others. Most of this requires a custom install of various 'extra' bits you need such as 'FLASH or PDF etc.' UBUNTU seems to work out of the box but you still have to custom install WINE in all cases. ... on&iId=215

More on Wine:

More on Fedora:

More on LINUX Magazines (newsagent)
'TRY out' DVD for 32 bit (old) and 64 bit (new) PC's
OpenSuse looks good as does LXDE Cimmanon Mint. UBUNTU is also popular and maybe the easiest to install alongside Windows (dual boot). All of them boot from DVD to try out. I even managed to squeeze Linux DEBIAN on an old Mac laptop (not really recommended).
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Re: Yay, Win8 runs Freehand MX perfectly!

Postby FFH Mark » Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:00 pm

Hey, how did the WINE installation work for you?
I have FreeHand running in Crossover and it works but is a bit funky with some appearances like endpoints and corner options are not showing correctly. Also it looks Win 98ish like you said but output looks OK. Fonts have to be TT and loaded each time a new one is used.

The screen rendering is hardest to get used to compared to my Snow Leopard installation. I'm using Crossover in Mavericks. At this point, I use Crossover for quick alterations and touchups but not new projects.

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Re: Yay, Win8 runs Freehand MX perfectly!

Postby ayato » Sun Jun 21, 2015 9:44 pm

FH 10 works well too on win 8, i've tried it
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