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My response to Mordy Golding

Make comparisons. Write about your experiences, impressions, problems or questions about working with both applications.

My response to Mordy Golding

Postby ThePixelDoc » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:24 am


Just in case he decides to not allow it as a response on Real World Illustrator
Please Gordy... saying that due to 64-bit, you can now for example, rename a layer "inline" is just silly. Freehand users have been able to do this for some 15 years using a 32-bit program.

Also, how about a consistent framework between programs within CS6. Small example: why, when scaling using Option-click... are the dialogs completely different between ID and AI?

Font Toolbar: nice that you can scroll through to view text, however, if you want to see the fonts "displayed", you have to go to the Menu or the Character palette to see them all?

Inconsistency between programs and even within them, overlapping of functions and features, and the worst problem using AI is the insistence to have 2 arrow pointers.

Someone at Adobe really should take a good look at the "killed" Freehand and see how they were able to create a VECTOR program, with minimal overhead or overlap, that to this day, still outperforms AI CS6 in day-to-day tasks... and don't get me started on the pathetic handling of text within AI!!!

If anyone takes a look at the AI-CS6 forums at Adobe re: performance of CS6, and then Mordy Golding "shilling" and suggesting everyone upgrade to AI-CS6 just for 64-bit... well i just find that alone pathetic. Even within his article, he points to going 64-bit being a "foundation for the future".

Absolutely and literally taken, because AI 64-bit is "still" only the foundation of a house I still can NOT live in, because it doesn't have any rooms let alone a roof that doesn't leak!
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