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Illustrator Color Pallets Annoying and Fight You

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Illustrator Color Pallets Annoying and Fight You

Postby johnednie » Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:30 pm

I'm really trying to switch to illustrator after ten years of using freehand, and I can't believe the fight one has to go through to do a simple drawing and change colors. The color pallet selection seems to fight me at every move. Totally unmanagable and not intuitive. I know, we've all heard this before. I wish I could buy freehand for my new mac, but adobe has killed it and I have to use my mac performa, (very slow) to get any work done then convert the file to adobe before sending off to the printer.
Is there a quick way to get colors to "stick" to the tool box and not disappear when you try to apply them to another object? I know, go study the manual. What manual?
I've tried to use illustrator on and off for ten years but always give up, mainly from wasted time, when freehand just lets me zap zap zap the graphic into print stage and I'm done.
Is there anyway to get freehand today, or is it locked away?
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Re: Illustrator Color Pallets Annoying and Fight You

Postby FFH Mark » Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:29 am

Illustrator is a different beast from FreeHand, no doubt. If I understand correctly, you need to pull your colors into the Swatches panel to reuse them in other objects. You simply can't create a color for an object and then have it show up in the swatches panel automatically. Use the Color Panel for this.

While Illustrator has greatly improved FreeHand-like features over the recent years, it is the core function and complex UI that frustrates FreeHanders the most. The way it handles paths, points, and selection is backwards from what we know. My advice is to forget EVERYTHING about how FreeHand works before diving into AI. It will make the experience easier and many FHMX artists have made the full transition to AI (with grumbles along the way.)

I still use FreeHand regularly today. As a Mac user, I have a dedicated Snow Leopard drive to boot into. But In my Mavericks drive, I have set up virtualization with FreeHand. You can use Parallels, Fusion, or the free Virtual Box to do this and this Forum has much information on how. Also I have a Crossover/WINE setup that allows a Windows version of FreeHand to run. But it has bugs on the more complex artwork using Paste Inside. Speaking of Windows, if you use a PC, FreeHand works fine in the latest setup.

Believe it or not, this is a good time for FreeHand users with new software that is very FreeHand-like. Gravit is a clone of FreeHand that is in beta stage. It is emerging as a very promising app created by opensource developers. Also exciting is the fully developed app, Affinity Designer, that is heavily influenced by FreeHand users and shares the same drawing functions and features. It is new and still missing some key FH features but the devs are moving quickly with updates. It is worth downloading from the Mac Store. Also, a number of FreeHanders swear by iDraw who also have been adding FH-features to their updates. I have copies of all of them...and the latest Illustrator.

Sorry for the long-winded answer. I hope this all helps a bit.
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Re: Illustrator Color Pallets Annoying and Fight You

Postby mohdmahfoozali786 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:59 am

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